Thursday, May 5, 2011

Poster Politics

It seems our poster has gotten a few people's attention.

In a new blog post on Tim James talks about the (infamous) poster, this year's programme and the revolution in general. Says James, "The crucial element for the next Swartland Revolution party has been revealed - the poster. On which no comment is necessary, or desirable, or even possible...."

He also notes that he is "very pleased to say that they're having me along again - this year with the privilege of "moderating" the tasting that les Mullineux will be presenting of their brilliant wines."

and we will add no comment to this quote: "There's going to be a tasting of international wines presented by (at least) Michael Fridjhon and Jamie Goode (who I hope is going to discover in the Swartland at least a few of South Africa's top 100 wines that aren't in the list of the Top 100 SA Wines - at present he seems to be having some difficulty in seeing the difference between those two categories!)"

Another enthusiastic blog comes from Ingrid Biesheuvel (or on twitter) who is very excited to attend her first Revolution this year.

She says, "I have no words to describe it, other than to say … I kinda like it."

On twitter some comments on the poster:

Bianca du Plessis

@ Reminds me of the old Voelvry posters ! is the hippest wine gang in t universe!

Ingrid Biesheuvel
I'm speechless - The Swartland Revolution poster says it all.

Beaumont House
The Swartland Revolution was allegedly THE best wine event of 2010 so get your booking in early for this November..

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