Thursday, September 1, 2011

All for wine, and wine for all...

And now, for the wine you have all be waiting for... I give to you - Olivier Clape's 6 wines for the Quality First tasting on 11.11.11...

Olivier Clape is a third generation vigneron who farm alongside his father with vines at Cornas and further parcels classed as Côtes du Rhône and Saint-Péray.  The Clape operation is infused with a sense of cautious modesty and genial simplicity that have secured them a profound international reputation by consistently producing top quality wine. 

For his tasting at the 2011 Swartland Revolution (moderated by Eben Sadie) he will show the following wines:

>Cornas 2009 vintage
>Cornas 2008 vintage
>Cornas 2001 vintage
>Cornas Renaissance 2009 vintage
>Cornas Renaissance 2008 vintage
>Cornas Renaissance 2001 vintage

Nothing like a Friday afternoon drinking French wines to get the weekend started... 

Like Bryan Adams would say: All for wine and wine for all... (that is what he says right!?!)