Monday, November 18, 2013

A revolution in pictures #SR2013

Lovely pictures from #SR2013 by Maree Louw (of the Callie Louw clan).

Registration this year took place at the back of the Royal Hotel, I think this worked better since revolutionaries could engage with fellow guests while in the line or wait in the shade (with a drink) for the line to get shorter. 

Meanwhile the revolutionary crew was busy filling glasses with the lovely wines by Laurence Feraud of Domaine Du Pegau for our opening tasting: Quality First. 

Then it was time for the (in)famous BBQ Extravaganza. This year it was the boys at Mama Cucina (Johan and Coenie) who impressed the crowds with fantastic local food and meat so soft you could cut it with your bread knife.

While the oomies of the Baardskeerdersbos Orkes entertained and got the people dancing.

On Saturday morning, after breakfast Babelas Burgers 

and coffee from Beans about coffee

it was time for "the early morning tasting". In previous years we have explored the current super star wines from the Swartland in The Eben and Adi Show (2010), Mullineux Magic (2011) and Mountains and Hills (2012). This year we looked back at old wines from the Swartland in the 1970s and 80s. 

Possibly the very last of these wines (a Swartland Winery Cinsaut circa 1970; 1981 Tinta Barocca, 1989 Shiraz and a 1982 Hanepoot along with a 1971 KWV Pinotage) as we cleared out all the cellars we could find to bring our 400 revolutionaries a taste of the old Swartland greats. 

Tim James opened the tasting with a very insightful look at the history of wine in SA and the region in those days (read his speech here)

while Chris, Andrea, Adi, Callie and Eben each introduced a wine (was it a coincidence that Callie got Hanepoot and could use the opportunity to show chicken feet and balls to the whole tent?)

This year, during the 'beer break' (when we change 440 tasting sheets, exchange 440 x 5 dirty glasses into 440 x 9 clean glasses and fill it with new wines) guests were treated to Callie's Southern Smoke sandwiches, Adi's Pyl Uil beers and a beer wine hybrid by Mullineux Wines and Devils Peak Brewery. 

The last tasting, always known as Expert Opinions (since we get experts to share their favourite wines with us every year) showcased some expert Chenin Blancs, presented by those who made them.
Vincent Careme (Domaine Vincent Careme), Damien Delecheneau (Domaine de la Grange Tiphaine) and Benjamin Joliveau (Domaine Huet) brought 8 of their best to share.

It must have been something Adi said... 

Then, it was time for lunch. Once again prepared to perfection by 'The Moms' and styled to look stunning, by Cornelia and Judy from De Liefde.

And with The Lunch comes The Auction. Read more about this in our previous post

To end off another great revolutionary weekend, The Swartland Independent Street Party...

Great fun was had by young and old; returning revolutionaries and virgins; organisers and 'workas', weekend warriors and Street Party Specialists. 

The Swartland Revolution would like to thank:
Everyone who came and made it such a unique and fun weekend. See you next year... 
Everyone who helped pour, pack, clear and carry things. 
The Royal Hotel, Short Street, Anton Espost and the people of Riebeek for hosting us. 
Darielle Robertson and Ann Ferreira, DnA Events for all the hard work and organising every glass, plate and speaker. 
Jo Middleton, for making the event look good with her design work.
Helena Quietriotgirl Sheridan, for keeping our pages and feeds updated and keeping the conversation going.
Johan and Coenie and all the staff, at Mama Cucina who impressed everyone with dinner.
Die Baardskeerdersbos Orkes, for being lekker!
Beans about Coffee and The Babelas Burger crew, for getting everyone awake and fed on Saturday morning. 
The boys from The Southern Smoke for the amazing sandwiches. 
The Moms, who cooked for days so we can have a lush lunch. 
Cornelia Badenhorst and Judy Graaf, De Liefde, for organising and making lunch look good.
The Swartland Independent Producers, for great wines to pour at the street party.

And last but never least, Maree Louw for the pretty pictures. See more on her blog, CLICK HERE> 

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Going, going, going into our community upliftment.

First things first, thank you for an amazing weekend. As soon as our lovely photographer Maree has sorted through the thousands of pictures she took over the two days I will do a little feedback report on the weekend, for now we just want to share the auction results with you.

Every year, over lunch, we auction off some unique or hard to find revolutionary gems.

Here is how it went down this year:
A 3 litre (double Magnum) of 2007 Columella (donated by TheSadie Family Wines) went to Steven Kempenaar for R7000. Steven also made the winning bid of R8000 for the Mullineux Shiraz package (1 x Magnum Syrah, 1 x Magnum Granite Syrah and 1 x Magnum Schist Syrah all 2011 vintage) donated by Mullineux Family Wines.

Donated by AA Badenhorst Family Wines, Adi’s 5 litre Family Red and 3 litre Family White stayed in the Swartland as Eben Sadie bought it for R7000.

For R8000 Dave King became the proud owner of a personalised three litre bottle of Porseleinberg 2011.  

Eight mixed cases of Loire wines (as tasted during the Expert Opinion tasting) sold for a total of R27 500. The successful bidders were Richard Harvey-Jones, Rebecca Tanner, Karl Lambour, Thinus Kruger and Adi Badenhorst. While 6 x Domaine du Pegau Cuvee Da Capo 2010 went to Marc Kent for R18000.

The 875 litre Apollo fermentation and storage egg, filled with Jakkalsfontein Shiraz sold for R23 500 to Roger Clayton. The egg with thanks to Flextank in the USA and importer Anita Rock at Rock Steel Imports.

In total R99 000 was raised and we are excited to start spending it on the upliftment of the children and the greater community of the Swartland. Most of the money we plough back into the Ann Pienaar school in the Paardeberg and the Riebeek School for Special Needs. Click here to see what we have done in the last year, and keep an eye on our page to see how we spend all the money raised this year.

Thank you to all the bidders, spotters, auctioneers and buyers!