Tuesday, November 30, 2010

SAVE THIS DATE, or miss out~

The second annual Swartland Revolution will take place on
the weekend of 11 - 12 November 2011.

So make a note for 11.11.11 somewhere. We will aim to have 100 more tickets available this time, so 250 lucky revolutionaries will join in the fun.

Booking details to follow in 2011.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Official pics~

Winemaker Callie Louw's wife Maree was the official photographer for the revolution.
Take a look at all her amazing picture on her website by clicking here.

If you would like any of these pictures, please email me at swartlandrevolution@gmail.com

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A post revolution post!

Swartland Revolution, the departure point, not the destination!

The inaugural Swartland Revolution took place in the small town of Riebeek Kasteel over the weekend of 12 -13 November 2010. Just over 150 revolutionaries rocked up to celebrate and enjoy the unique wines, food and atmosphere of the Swartland and its people.

Opening the event was Riebeek locals Chris and Andrea Mullineux who conducted a tasting with French winemaker, Stephane Ogier, who guided attendees through 8 of his acclaimed Northern Rhone wines, with a focus on the special terroir that goes into them.

The wines were:

  1. 1. Saint Joseph Blanc 2008 (100% Marsanne)
  2. 2. Condrieu "La combe de Malleval" 2009 (100% Viognier)
  3. 3. L'Ame Sœur 2007 (100% Syrah)
  4. 4. Côte-Rôtie 2007 (100% Syrah)
  5. 5. Côte-Rôtie "Lancement" 2007 (100% Syrah)
  6. 6. Côte-Rôtie "Belle Hélène" 2007 (100% Syrah)
  7. 7. Côte-Rôtie 1999
  8. 8. Roussanne 2005
Guests then made their way to the “Ou Pastorie” at Kloovenburg, where celeb chef Reuben Riffel and his team was already braaiing up a storm.
The menu included 5 glorious salads, mielies and potatoes on the braai and a variety of lamb, beef and chicken delicacies as well as pork belly that melted away in your mouth and organic Namibian patties that were a big hit. Pair that with some of the Swartland’s best wines flowing freely and the sounds of the Kitchen Jamming Blues band in the background and it is easy to understand why the party carried on well into the night.

Saturday morning, after Babbelaas burgers (a local favourite) and some strong Origin coffee it was time for The Eben and Adi Show, moderated by a very entertaining Tim James. Eben Sadie opened the show with a cartwheel (the result of a bet he lost after a few glasses of wine the night before) and showcased the different components of his acclaimed Columella, Syrah from granite, clay and slate soil, as well as a blend, all from the 2010 vintage.

Adi Badenhorst then showed seven components of his Badenhorst white blend, focussing again on the soil and terrior where the vines grow.

Then, with complementary Riedel glass and some Bollinger bubbly in hand Michael Fridjhon launched the Swartland Independent and the SA Sommelier of the Year award.

For lunch the team at Bar Bar Black Sheep prepared a feast that had guest mesmerised. The menu featured everything from super salads to vine wrapped garlic butter sardines, lamb on the spit, a selection of homemade breads, preserves and cheese to basil pesto pasta and white chocolate cheesecake for desert.

After lunch it was time to auction off some rare items donated by the various wineries involved. Proceeds will go to a Swartland based NGO (tbc).

  • One Case of “OUWINGERDREEKS” by The Sadie Family Wines sold for R5000.
  • One lucky couple bought an intimate dinner for two in the Mullineux wine vault (wines included) with a wine hamper to take home compliments of Mullineux Wines and Bar Bar Black Sheep for R4000.
  • 5L of 2007 AA Badenhorst Red Wine was auctioned for R4500.
  • 3L of 2009 AA Badenhorst White Wine sold for R3800.
  • A 500l Saury barrel went for R10 000.
  • And a 600l concrete egg, filled with Sadie and Badenhorst Chenin for R40 000.

Eager guests placed bookings for all 600l of the wine from the buyer. You can follow this world first initiative on Twitter @silwervis.

And then we spread the joy with the Real Men (and women) Ferment Wild open tasting. At R50 per person this element of the programme was more accessible, and with 22 local producers showcasing their natural wines it attracted a lot of attention. An estimated 600 people attended the lively tasting in the Short Street Square.

With the raging success of the inaugural Swartland Revolution and the overwhelming positive feedback from guests; organisers are already looking forward to a bigger, better 2011 edition.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Feedback from the Revolution~

We realise it must have been a heavy hand that reached into the pocket for R1750 of your hard earned cash months ago. It is therefore a real pleasure to receive so many notes of thanks and congratulations after the event. We are delighted to hear that you not only enjoyed our event but really felt that you received value for your money.

Here is some feedback form guests who started the revolution with us this weekend.
See you all in Riebeek in 2011!

Hats off to you for this amazing event - it was very well put together and most importantly it was great fun. My wife asked me how it was this morning when I got back, and I said that it was like 'Woodstock.. but without the sex'. - Raffi Gabeyan (French Importer) 

Just a quick email to say that the organisation of The Swartland Revolution was absolutely brilliant!  Thank you to all the organisers for a truly amazing event. Where do we sign up for 2011? - Donna Christie Gibbon

I had a fabulous time at the Swartland Revolution and thought you all did an awesome job with the organising, logistics, food and of course the wine. Thanks again and I will tell all my wine-loving friends about it for next year. -Mary-Lyn

CONGRATULATIONS and a big thanks for a great weekend. I had a FANTASTIC time. 
Thanks a million. - Jörg Pfützner

A short word of thanks and also a big “Well Done!!” I thoroughly enjoyed my time at the Revolution and you did a fantastic job organizing it. All the best with taking this even further. - Andre Morgenthal 

A quick note to join the many I’m sure you’ve received to congratulate you on the best wine event that I have ever attended. A perfect mix of serious tasting of seriously good wines, with a good measure of fun and festivity. The food was simply superb, the venues and layout spot on, the speech from Michael in particular absolutely brilliant. Honestly I feel sorry for those who thought they should miss this one. Bring on 2011 – and count me in! - Erica Meles-Liebenberg

Thanks for inviting us with the weekend. It was fantastic and a HUGE privilege for me to be part of something so special. You’ve done a fantastic job, something that’s organised, but still driven by 100% soul.
- Pieter Walser

Congrats on a superb weekend – can’t wait for the next one! - Sue Pugh

Thank you guys for a wonderful weekend. Well done! It was very well organized and the quality of the stuff (from people involved to wine, bubbly, etc) was excellent. - Billy Hughes

Thank you all so much for a wonderful feast of fine wine, delicious food, knowledge, opinions and /passion/. I thought you guys pulled off a world class performance from the very start right through until the end (I hope I didn’t miss too much in the ‘Real _winemakers_ ferment wild!’ (Respect Andrea), but I don’t need any convincing that wild is the way forward). I liked what Mr Fridjhon had to say and feel that there was a message in there that all of us can take home: winemakers are the gatekeepers to terroir true wines and natural winemaking is how we can all recognize the nuances of our respective terroirs and the cultivars that can work in them.
I’m happy to be back in Claret country and about to tuck into a lovely Cab Merlot, but with an even greater respect for your region and your honest wines. I wish some more of my neighbours could have been there to see what positive energy and mutual respect can achieve!

Salt of the Earth,
Alex & Caryn Starey
Keermont Vineyards

Saturday, November 13, 2010

SAVE THIS DATE, or miss out~

AA Badenhorst Family Wines, Mullineux Family Wines, Porcelain Mountain Wines, Sequillo Cellars and The Sadie Family Wines
would like to invite you to the first annual Swartland Revolution Weekend.

When: 12 – 13 November 2010

Where: Riebeek Kasteel

Price: Weekend package is R1750 per person - ONLY 150 tickets!!

What do I get for my R1750?
* A Swartland style welcome hamper.
* A fantastic in-depth sit down seminar and tasting and tasting of 8 world class wines from Stephane Ogier of Cote Rotie.
* A truly gatskop Braai by Reuben Riffel, including wine and Jukskei lessons.
* Breakfast and coffee on Saturday morning.
* An insightful sit down seminar & tasting of the experiences and next level Swartland experiments of the AA Badenhorst and Sadie Families, moderated by Tim James.
* A presentation by Michael Fridjhon on the Independent character and spirit of the Swartland.
* Saturday Lunch at the World famous Bar Bar Blacksheep, including wine.
* Entry to the Real Men Ferment Wild tasting where you get to taste over 50 wines from more than 16 wineries, convened by Neil Pendock.
* The chance to tell your grandchildren that you were there!

(view the entire programme of events here)

To only attend the Real Men Ferment Wild Tasting on Saturday afternoon is R50 pp.

Bookings: Mail info@dnaevents.co.za
or call the ladies at DNA Events: Ann (082 909 1116) or Darielle (084 207 3820) to avoid dissapointment - ONLY 150 TICKETS AVAILABLE>

The event will also host the launch of the Swartland Independent, a forum for all independent wineries in the area to work together.

The Swartland is producing some of South Africa’s most exciting wines, with its old bush vines expressing a lot of intensity of fruit. Winemakers such as Eben Sadie and Adi Badenhorst have made their names in this incredible region with unique terroir and wine making styles.Under the influence, June 2010

So, tired of fashonista cuvees, head out to Malmesbury to embrace the zeitgeist of zef wine Neil Pendock, May 2010

There is unqualified respect for the area’s terroir and the wines it produces. In its favour are ancient soils, old bush vines and interesting grapes – from Chenin Blanc, red and white Grenache to Clairette Blanche and Shiraz. - WOSA

Thursday, October 28, 2010

More reasons to get excited...

This week we received celeb chef Reuben Riffel's final menu for the BBQ extravaganza on Friday night at the Revolution.

Revolutionaries need to be well fed, and there will be no shortcomings here.
A little sneak peak is in order I think...

Roasted & marinated tomatoes, olives, artichokes, capers & herbs
Fragrant turmeric potato salad
Fresh garden salad with croutons, bacon and grated cheese
Chickpea, peppers, feta, cumin and mint salad
Seafood salad, marinara mix with fennel and herb vinaigrette
and more...

Braai concept:
Chicken kebabs-peri peri flavoured
Lamb kebabs
Pork belly p
Beef sirloin and beef patties (free range)

Corn on the cob
Potatoes in the skin
Grill/roasted vegetables (aubergine/peppers/onion/baby marrow)

and, wait for it... Malva pudding!!

Make sure you are there to enjoy all of this, paired with some of the Swartland's best wines while the Kitchen Jamming Blues Band fills the night air with music and you try your hand at age-old jukskei.

Hope to see you there... Book Here tickets are selling fast!

Friday, October 22, 2010

French arrivals

Excitement is in the air as the Ogier wines arrived in Riebeek today. We might have to wait another three weeks to meet the man and TASTE the wines, but it is surely an indication that the revolution is in motion and the time is drawing closer.

Eight of Stephane Ogier's wines will be tasted during his seminar on Friday 12 November.

They are:
1. Saint Joseph Blanc 2008 (100% Marsanne)
2. Condrieu "La combe de Malleval" 2009 (100% Viognier)
3. L'Ame Sœur 2007 (100% Syrah)
4. Côte-Rôtie 2007 (100% Syrah)
5. Côte-Rôtie "Lancement" 2007 (100% Syrah)
6. Côte-Rôtie "Belle Hélène" 2007 (100% Syrah)
7. Côte-Rôtie 1999
8. Roussanne 2005

Don't miss out, book some of the last remaining tickets here!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Neil Pendock agrees...

...You should be at the Swartland Revolution to see first hand how the cowboys in the area are taking on the French domination when it comes to producing world class wines...

"At the first Swartland Revolution in November, to be held in Riebeek-Kasteel, the keynote speaker is Stefan Ogier from Domaine Michel & Stéphane Ogier from Ampuis, France. Well, he may be a "world-renowned producer of fine Rhône wine", but he's not half as famous as Eben Sadie, Adi Badenhorst or Marc Kent, the Swartland's Lenin, Castro and Che Guevara respectively."

Read the full article, as it appeared on the Sidebar for Times live, or on Pendock's own blog.