Giving Back

Every year we auction off some memorabilia or hard to come by items donated by the wineries involved.
Money raised this way gets ploughed back into the communities where we live and in particular to the children of the people who work on our farms and in our vineyards.

Recently we appointed an assistant teacher for the Grade R class at the Ann Pienaar school in the Paardeberg. The class is very full and the teacher, Juanita needed some help. We appointed 18 year old Trudie Geldenhuys, who recently received a bursary to study Child-Development at Boland College in Stellenbosch next year.

Have a look at the website for the Friends of the Anne Pienaar School to see the amazing progress being done there thanks to generous donations. 

Meanwhile on the other side of the Porseleinberg at the Riebeek School for Special Needs, we bought some jerseys, gloves and scarves (made and sold by the school for fund raising) and donated it to the pupils. A little goes a long way on a cold winter's morning.

The school has two devisions, one looks after pre-school kids with Fetal Alcohol syndrome / ADHD and the other is a school for children up to 18 years who struggle adapting to the normal education system. 
These kids get taught skills like woodwork, needle work, mechanics and hairdressing etc. The headmaster tries to place each pupil in an internship after they finish school.


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