Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The Revolution is over, long live the Revolution...

We love it when a plan comes together.

The founding members of the Swartland Revolution have decided that there will not be another Swartland Revolution event. It was a difficult but unanimous decision and we had to console ourselves with Callie's birthday cake and some great wines.

"We now want to focus our time and energy on the next phase, the evolution perhaps, of great things in this great region and country of ours."

We believe that last weekend’s event brought things full circle. The three tastings beautifully represented the past, the present and the future of what we started here in 2010. The Swartland Revolution was a stone cast into the ocean that is the South African wine industry and we are all satisfied with the ripples and waves it has caused.

We want to give a high five to everyone who has made these six celebrations possible. It has been pleasure getting to know the consumers and lovers of our wines. It has been a privilege to share the good food, heat waves, views and gees of our valley with you.

Hopefully you will find plenty of reasons to keep returning to the region – for Coenie and Johan’s food, for new craft beers, for G&Ts at the Royal (happy hour between 5-6pm daily) and for wine, oh, always for wine.

There will not be an event in Riebeek early November 2016, but we urge you to keep an eye on SIP, The Swartland Independent Producers… exciting times, they are a-changing and we promise the future will be anything but dull. 

Thank you for being part of the Revolution, we couldn't have done it without you,
Adi, Andrea, Chris, Callie and Eben


  1. That's f'ked my Bucket List up!!!!

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  4. Fortunately, we were very lucky to had visited the winery on Saturday, November 14th, during the celebrations, completely by chance! We were friendly welcomed! A special moment to finish with a flourish our South Africa experience! Thank you very much for this memorable and unexpected (for all!) moments! Ana and Henrique (Brazil).

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