Monday, June 1, 2015

Quality First the 2015 edition

We've been to France and last year we ventured to Lebanon, but this year we take it a little bit further west and bring you Pax Mahle, one of the leading lights of the new California movement.

Not unlike the revolutionaries in the Swartland, California also has a group of innovative producers rewriting the rules of contemporary winemaking and aiming above all for an expression of California's unique terroir.

Pax is a self trained winemaker who hails from wine retail originally. He started making wine in 2000 under the Pax label and his powerful, intense wines quickly garnered rave reviews and a cult following. 

In 2008 he started a new label called Wind Gap focusing on minimal intervention and fresher wines from marginal vineyards. Wind Gap also very quickly received rave reviews and an equally loyal following.

We look forward to sharing stories and insights with you and Pax.


Tickets to the 2015 Swartland Revolution will go on sale at 8am on July 1st (and not a moment earlier).
There is no waiting list, no special exceptions and no emails will be considered before 8am on 1 July.
Tickets are R2950 each. 


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