Friday, August 29, 2014

Feeling enthusiastic!

It is 4pm on a Friday and in the spirit of good Fridays to come we wanted to share his story from the latest issue of Wine Enthusiast. 
Written by Lauren Buzzeo, photographed by Maree Louw (on Kalmoesfontein) and styled by Cornelia Badenhorst, the article is a beautiful feature of the Big 5 as we head to our FIFTH Revolution...
Eben Sadie ‘The Virtuoso’, Callie Louw ‘The Farmer’, Chris and Andrea Mullineux ‘The Dynamic Duo’ and Adi ‘The Personality’.
WSaug14 1
WS aug14 2
WS aug14 3To read the full story online, click here and have a good weekend. 


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