Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Drink, don't drive

A reliable shuttle company has made their service available so that you can have your share of Swartland wine and not have to drive back to your accommodation!

UNFORTUNATELY they have only had two bookings and it will therefor not be viable for them to come to Riebeek!

The small town of Riebeek Kasteel cannot host all the revolutionaries, so for those staying outside walking distance from the action, THIS IS A VERY GOOD IDEA.

Contact Fran Fun Tours in masses NOW in order to have a mini bus available for Friday night.

You can contact them to arrange pick up (in time for registration) and drop off (after the BBQ) at your guesthouse.

They will also both run return trips from Cape Town to The Swartland Independent Street Party on Saturday.

For info contact:

Fran Fun Tours - Fran on
c. 082 923 5952
e. info@franfuntours.com 


  1. Exactly when you are drunk please avoid driving because you only can harm yourself or maybe another person. So please take care of this thing. Great article


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