Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Feedback from the Revolution~

We realise it must have been a heavy hand that reached into the pocket for R1750 of your hard earned cash months ago. It is therefore a real pleasure to receive so many notes of thanks and congratulations after the event. We are delighted to hear that you not only enjoyed our event but really felt that you received value for your money.

Here is some feedback form guests who started the revolution with us this weekend.
See you all in Riebeek in 2011!

Hats off to you for this amazing event - it was very well put together and most importantly it was great fun. My wife asked me how it was this morning when I got back, and I said that it was like 'Woodstock.. but without the sex'. - Raffi Gabeyan (French Importer) 

Just a quick email to say that the organisation of The Swartland Revolution was absolutely brilliant!  Thank you to all the organisers for a truly amazing event. Where do we sign up for 2011? - Donna Christie Gibbon

I had a fabulous time at the Swartland Revolution and thought you all did an awesome job with the organising, logistics, food and of course the wine. Thanks again and I will tell all my wine-loving friends about it for next year. -Mary-Lyn

CONGRATULATIONS and a big thanks for a great weekend. I had a FANTASTIC time. 
Thanks a million. - Jörg Pfützner

A short word of thanks and also a big “Well Done!!” I thoroughly enjoyed my time at the Revolution and you did a fantastic job organizing it. All the best with taking this even further. - Andre Morgenthal 

A quick note to join the many I’m sure you’ve received to congratulate you on the best wine event that I have ever attended. A perfect mix of serious tasting of seriously good wines, with a good measure of fun and festivity. The food was simply superb, the venues and layout spot on, the speech from Michael in particular absolutely brilliant. Honestly I feel sorry for those who thought they should miss this one. Bring on 2011 – and count me in! - Erica Meles-Liebenberg

Thanks for inviting us with the weekend. It was fantastic and a HUGE privilege for me to be part of something so special. You’ve done a fantastic job, something that’s organised, but still driven by 100% soul.
- Pieter Walser

Congrats on a superb weekend – can’t wait for the next one! - Sue Pugh

Thank you guys for a wonderful weekend. Well done! It was very well organized and the quality of the stuff (from people involved to wine, bubbly, etc) was excellent. - Billy Hughes

Thank you all so much for a wonderful feast of fine wine, delicious food, knowledge, opinions and /passion/. I thought you guys pulled off a world class performance from the very start right through until the end (I hope I didn’t miss too much in the ‘Real _winemakers_ ferment wild!’ (Respect Andrea), but I don’t need any convincing that wild is the way forward). I liked what Mr Fridjhon had to say and feel that there was a message in there that all of us can take home: winemakers are the gatekeepers to terroir true wines and natural winemaking is how we can all recognize the nuances of our respective terroirs and the cultivars that can work in them.
I’m happy to be back in Claret country and about to tuck into a lovely Cab Merlot, but with an even greater respect for your region and your honest wines. I wish some more of my neighbours could have been there to see what positive energy and mutual respect can achieve!

Salt of the Earth,
Alex & Caryn Starey
Keermont Vineyards

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